key facts
Staggering Statistics:
  • One out of every three blind people in the world lives in India - an estimated 15 million blind people live in India. 
  • Every year, 3 million people develop cataracts in their eyes. 
  • There are 2 million blind children in India. Only 5% of them receive any education. 
How Can We Help?:
  • Up to 80% of blindness is curable or preventable, provided we can mobilize our resources. 
  • Cost of a cataract operation is $20
  • Cost of a Braille & Mathematics Kit for blind children's education is $20
  • Cost of a village Eye Camp is $500 - restores sight of 30 people and treats 250 others. 
  • Cost of a Mobile Van is $15,000 - $20,000 (Donor's name is displayed on the van). 
Key Results:
  • From January 1991 through todate raised over $3.5 Million to help the blind people in India through National Association for The Blind (NAB), India & Sight Savers, U.K., & other non-profit charitable organizations in India. 
  • Our goal is to reach "ten million dollars by the year 2020." 
  • Restored sight to 100,000 people (cataracts removal) and treated 1,000,000 people in BFI - sponsered Free Eye Camps. 
  • Prevention - 100,000 children vaccinated against measles and given Vitamin A to save their sight. 
  • Child Sight Projects - Distributed over $200,000 to key medical partners throughout India for eye sight checkup of school-going children, provided glasses, medications and required ophthalmic help. Over 400,000 children vaccinated against measles and given Vitamin A as neeeded to save their eyesight. 
  • Education - 10,000 Braille & Mathematics Kits distributed to blind children in all Indian states. Support provided for training blind adults. 
  • Rehabilitation - Blind men and women trained so they become self sufficient. 
  • 99 vans donated in the States of Andhra Pradesh(3), Arunachal Pradesh(1), Assam(3) Bihar(5), Chattisgarh(2), Gujarat(40), Haryana(3), Karnataka(6), Kerala(1), Madhya Pradesh(3), Maharashtra(2), Meghalaya(1), Orissa(2), Rajasthan(4), Tamil Nadu(2), Uttar Pradesh(13) and West Bengal(8) to transport doctors to villages for organizing eye camps and to bring patients to hospitals. 
  • Laser Surgery equipment worth $30,000 provided to R. M. Eye Hospital in Chikhodra, Gujarat, $17,000 to purchase a Microscope to S. J. Eye Hospital in Gondal, Gujarat, and $24,000 for a Yag Laser provided to Kandivali Hitvardhak Mandal, Mumbai in Maharashtra.
  • $48,000 provided to Poona Blind Men's Association for Ophthalmic equipment, $96,000 provided to NAB, India for Braillers, Talking Computers & Direction Finders, $48,000 provided to N. M. Bhuta Eye Hospital, Sihor, Gujarat for Ophthalmic equipment, $49,000 to Seth G. S. Medical College and K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai for two Yag Lasers, and $25,000 provided to Radhika Eye Hospital, Amreli for a YAG Laser. These projects were done through the Rotary International Matching Grant program.
  • $84,000 provided to six medical partners (Bokaro Steel City, Chennai, Dissa, Gondal, Mysore, and Sihor) for avoidable blindness projects (4,200 free cataract operations by six medical partners) through the Rotary International Matching Grant program.
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